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For Endurance Events


Are you planning a big event where your sleep will be compromised – long distance rowing, climbing an 8000m peak or a multi day endurance challenge? Charlotte can help train your body and mind to function ‘normally’ with little or no sleep.


Being an ultra endurance runner herself - Charlotte is well placed to understand the demands endurance events place on your body.


The powerful effect of lack of sleep is often underestimated by endurance athletes and may be the reason why many fail to complete their objectives in long distance events. With Charlotte’s help, you’ll begin your challenge as mentally and physically prepared as possible.


Working closely with you in the run up to your event, Charlotte will help you optimise your sleep during training. Controlled sleep deprivation exercises will make up part of your preparation, so you learn to cope with little or no sleep. How your body and mind feel when sleep is taken away will no longer be an unknown or something to fear - and you’ll begin your challenge ready to succeed.


For Teams:


Charlotte works with football, cycling and other sports teams to teach athletes how to get top quality sleep during training and events. Sports teams train hard, travel regularly and are under extreme stress in the run up to competitions - which often leads to disrupted sleep patterns and jet lag.


Sleep is essential for athletes to recover and improve their performance. Working alongside the team’s coaches, Charlotte runs group seminars to educate the team members about the importance of good quality sleep for athletes. She also works with individuals to analyse and diagnose specific sleep problems and provide them with the tools to get the best sleep in any environment.  


For Individuals


Having worked with athletes from a broad range of sports, Charlotte’s understanding of the challenges you face is unrivalled.


The temptation for many athletes is to train too hard, often to the point of burn out. By nature, you’re driven perfectionists who can’t sit still, and sleep is often not a priority. But quality rest is vital to improving athletic performance.


Charlotte will work closely with you to understand your fitness, recovery and sleep patterns in numbers. From this base, she’ll help you manage your sleep to see performance gains. Whether you’re a professional sports person or an amateur athlete, everyone can benefit from cutting edge sleep analysis and advice. 


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MN, Chamonix

"It only took one session with Charlotte to dramatically change my sleep patterns. I have struggled with insomnia for more than 12 years due (mostly) to underlying health issues. I am completely bowled over that her recommendations started working right from the very first day. I can not tell you how thankful I am for her simple and effective advice. It’s it does require some effort, I’m not going to lie – there have been some lifestyle changes – but anyone who is reading this probably knows how much poor sleep can affect every aspect of your every day life: relationships, energy levels, performance, confidence, I could go on and on. For me its 100% worth it. Charlotte is also very easy to work with -  warm, approachable and professional. I really can’t recommend her enough."