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Charlotte’s background is rooted in science and her experience of laboratory and field-based sleep studies is second to none. In addition to her extensive clinical experience, she has over 15 years experience running lab and field based sleep and movement studies. 


Charlotte has held a number of academic posts. Below is a selection published studies that she has either written or contributed to.

List of Articles


Upper limb movement analysis

Gait variability in multiple sclerosis

Cognitive performance and self-reported sleepiness

Neural substrates of reduced walking activity

Stride time variability as a marker for higher level of gait control in multiple sclerosis

Oxygen cost during treadmill walking with hip and knee immobilised

Pedometer step counts in individuals with neurological conditions

Photoperiod Impact on a Sailor's Sleep-Wake Rhythm

Consensus statement on placebo effects in sports and exercise

Exploring the Metabolic and Perceptual Correlates of Self-Selected Walking Speed

Supported community exercise in people with long-term neurological conditions

A pilot randomised controlled trial of a home-based exercise programme

Dance therapy combined with patient education improves quality of life of persons with obesity


She is available to consult on, design and conduct scientific sleep studies, which will give accuracy and credibility to your unanswered sleep questions. Get in touch: