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Charlotte works with corporate groups, universities and schools to educate teams and students in the value of good quality sleep. She answers, in easy to digest language backed by medical evidence, why we should all be putting a good night’s sleep at the top of our to-do list.


Most of us understand that long-term poor-quality sleep will impact on our physical and mental health. But do you really know why? And do you know why poor-quality sleep – whether acute or over a long period of time - impacts on your cognitive function and productivity? And – most importantly - do you actually know how to get a good night’s sleep?


In today’s ‘always-on’ world, we all lead incredibly busy lives and a solid 8 hours’ is something we regularly sacrifice – it’s nothing another coffee can’t solve! But the long-term effects on our health and productivity are surprising.


Find out why – and how - you should be making sleep your number one goal.


Wellness in the workplace is an important focus for many companies, who lose valuable people and revenue to lifestyle related illnesses on a daily basis. So many of these problems are inter-related with sleep and can be prevented with education and achievable lifestyle changes. Charlotte presents a speaker series, seminars and workshops, aimed at corporate groups. Designed to educate and inspire your team to make sleep a priority, topics include:

  • Basic sleep hygiene
  • Managing sleep and stress
  • Sleep in Covid times
  • Sleep to enhance performance
  • Sleep 101


Charlotte’s recent clients include: Arcteryx, Nike, Premiere league football. Banks, British Airways, Shift workers, Universities. Logo
Mark Briant
Director of Mobfit, Uk

"We have worked with Charlotte on several occasions now and I have to say our clients love the sessions. Sleep is a topic which everyone wants to know more about these days, but can often be spoken about in an overly complicated, hard to understand way. Charlotte delivers sessions that contain the latest research, but in a format that people can digest easily, helping them to understand the 'why's' and 'how's' of sleep, and ultimately get a better night's sleep!"

CHX Performance logo
Damien Stork

Charlotte has been a key member of the CHX Performance team for 5 years and in that time has proven time and time again to be one of the most popular.  It is not just her deep expertise in the subject of Sleep, but the passionate and engaging way she delivers hard science in a truly entertaining way.  She is about the most accessible research scientist you could ever hope to meet!

Fieri Leadership logo
Adam Conlon
Director of Fieri Leadership

A truly leading expert and academic in the science of sleep, Dr.Charlotte is also a gifted and incredibly engaging presenter who continuously designs and delivers thoroughly fascinating sessions that always fit perfectly into our client wellness workshops and importantly have a deeply positive impact on the audience’s lives.
Dr.Charlotte has a real talent for taking a lifetime of research and selecting the most important and relevant facts for the audience and convincing them to why sleep is so vital to our wellness. Most importantly Dr.Charlotte always provides the audience with simple yet powerful lifestyle tweaks that people can adopt to have an instant and positive impact to their physical and mental health.
A true professional, a real expert, a gifted and engaging presenter, Charlotte is always a pleasure to work with!