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The Sleep Science Coach

Dr. Charlotte Edelsten


About me

Dr Charlotte Edelsten is an expert, a scientist, a coach and a specialist in Sleep Science. With a background in lab-based sleep studies and an experienced CBT-i coach - the ‘gold standard’ in sleep therapy for insomnia - Charlotte is passionate about sharing the secrets and powers of good quality sleep.


How to sleep better ? Most of us know that a good night’s sleep makes you feel better. But few of us understand how important sleep is on our overall health and performance. Charlotte’s clinical research looks at the scientific value of sleep on physical health, mental well being and sports and cognitive performance.


After completing her PhD in the UK, Charlotte took a postdoctoral position at Geneva University Hospital in 2009, where she worked between the sleep laboratory and the laboratory of kinesiology (movement). After spending the past 10 years in both a clinical and research environment studying the power of sleep, she now works as a sleep consultant, with a wide range of clients from corporate to athletes to individuals.


Another area of expertise are the conference, workshops, lectures and seminars that she offers. Sleeping disorders and troubles, insomnia and help with sleeping.

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Athlete Preparation
Sleep your way to your best physical and mental fitness. For endurance athletes where sleep is compromised. Or for teams and individuals.


Charlotte’s expertise in sleep is rooted in science. Designing and conducting lab or field based research around sleep, sleep deprivation and performance.


Educate and motivate your team to understand and prioritise good sleep; see improved performance and optimised mental and physical well-being.

Athlete Preparation

Can’t get to sleep? Can’t stay asleep? Not enough sleep? Charlotte is a CBT-i sleep coach, offering private consultations for individuals.


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Mark Briant
Director of Mobfit, Uk

"We have worked with Charlotte on several occasions now and I have to say our clients love the sessions. Sleep is a topic which everyone wants to know more about these days, but can often be spoken about in an overly complicated, hard to understand way. Charlotte delivers sessions that contain the latest research, but in a format that people can digest easily, helping them to understand the 'why's' and 'how's' of sleep, and ultimately get a better night's sleep!"

CHX Performance logo
Damien Stork

Charlotte has been a key member of the CHX Performance team for 5 years and in that time has proven time and time again to be one of the most popular.  It is not just her deep expertise in the subject of Sleep, but the passionate and engaging way she delivers hard science in a truly entertaining way.  She is about the most accessible research scientist you could ever hope to meet!

Fieri Leadership logo
Adam Conlon
Director of Fieri Leadership

A truly leading expert and academic in the science of sleep, Dr.Charlotte is also a gifted and incredibly engaging presenter who continuously designs and delivers thoroughly fascinating sessions that always fit perfectly into our client wellness workshops and importantly have a deeply positive impact on the audience’s lives.
Dr.Charlotte has a real talent for taking a lifetime of research and selecting the most important and relevant facts for the audience and convincing them to why sleep is so vital to our wellness. Most importantly Dr.Charlotte always provides the audience with simple yet powerful lifestyle tweaks that people can adopt to have an instant and positive impact to their physical and mental health.
A true professional, a real expert, a gifted and engaging presenter, Charlotte is always a pleasure to work with!

Chamonix Logo
MN, Chamonix

"It only took one session with Charlotte to dramatically change my sleep patterns. I have struggled with insomnia for more than 12 years due (mostly) to underlying health issues. I am completely bowled over that her recommendations started working right from the very first day. I can not tell you how thankful I am for her simple and effective advice. It’s it does require some effort, I’m not going to lie – there have been some lifestyle changes – but anyone who is reading this probably knows how much poor sleep can affect every aspect of your every day life: relationships, energy levels, performance, confidence, I could go on and on. For me its 100% worth it. Charlotte is also very easy to work with -  warm, approachable and professional. I really can’t recommend her enough."